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TCUF Reading List

TCUF Reading List

The TCUF Reading List is an ever-growing archive of essays, books, poems, and recordings that explore themes of Black women's identities, erotica, and liberation. All of the resources will be stored in this folder on Google Drive and made accessible to anyone with the link.

One core aspect of They Called Us Fast: an erotic anthology is an informal literature review of sorts, which consists of me reading Black feminist texts and posting my one-sided discussions about them on the Internet. I mention in the introduction blog post that TCUF is not only a passion project, it's also my attempt to continue a journey of studying Black feminist theory that began in undergrad. I have no intentions of going back to school, and over the years, I've given considerable thought to how inaccessible the world of liberation theory is and how to address it. Not saying I have the solution, but I do have a desire to engage with Black feminist scholarship outside of the academy. Since I'm working without the support, resources, and infrastructure university settings provide, I'm leaning on my community to help build out the archive. 

Please consider contributing to the TCUF Reading List by submitting your suggestions in the form below!

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