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About Me

I am a Black feminist writer whose passions revolve around DC residents and good IPAs. It is my life’s goal to uplift the stories of Black people’s joys, complexities, and pleasures. I want us to continue imagining a world where we are free to be our best selves.

As you've probably already noticed, I have a profound and special interest in erotic romance, particularly ones that uplift diverse love stories. I'm particularly drawn to bad ass women in my books, and if you'd like to join me in talking about and exploring erotic romance for bad bitches, sign up for InkKissed, a semi-regular newsletter featuring all things smut!

When I’m not writing self-indulgent poetry or sweating over erotic fiction, I organize with Black women in my community to provide material support such as groceries, tutoring services, and childcare to my people. Thanks for coming with me on this journey! 

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