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Who I Am

As life takes its toll I have slowed down in many aspects. I have taken to eating what I want when I want and accepting that my body will accommodate my hunger and that my self esteem will accommodate my body. I do not write far as frequently as I would like but I have read fifty or so pages of a new book which I’m hoping to have finished by mid August. Not writing has allowed me to appreciate many a thing in new capacities including the people for whom i harbor great love and appreciation. I am patient with myself. Patient with my surroundings. If not by force of nature, then by simple lack of motivation to actively change things which ought not to be changed. Some things do not deserve panic, or worry. Perhaps not even attention. I realize the importance now of friendships. Ones that will last me a lifetime. Friends with whom I can be honest, friends who call me on my shit and challenge me to be the person I want to be. Most importantly, however, my number one concern has become myself. Convinced now that I am perfect and the rest of the world exists as abnormalities and mishaps, I feel free to move in my own space and time. I am Ama Ampomah with my own story to tell and my own judgements about said story. I do not wish to linger nor do I wish to progress at a pace that does not allow me to appreciate what it is dancing along my horizons now. I am not desperate for the future, though I am excited. I am comfortable with letting things happen. Comfortable with the process.

© Ama Akoto (2014)

#Affirmations #blackwomen #identity

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