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Octavia St. Laurent

I want you down on your knees Where servants and dogs belong Licking at my toes HUNGRY for a taste of my sweat and grime Any proof of my earthy heritage And otherworldly existence I want you suckling at my tits And polishing the dark brown of my areolas My pleasure should be your first concern Wiping up the wetness from my legs And caressing the inside of my vulva i want you ripping at my skin with your teeth and nails Shredding me apart And piecing me back together With nothing but the faint memory of my being And a lingering taste for my pussy You can call me out my name Then recognize who I am And worship me Wrap your hands around my throat Until my heart is palpitating in your palm And the key to its chambers is misshapen and unusable Learn how my cervix is shaped And then leave it to me

You can do whatever you like with me

Except disrespect me.

#ballroom #sexy #sex #Teyana #OctaviaStLaurent #WTP

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