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I love the way my name sounds As it’s Falling off cracked lips And crashing to the cold Unyielding ground below Cratering its surface And burrowing itself into The fiery core Of this dying earth

I love the way it looks Soaring off bleeding tongues And floating on the Wind, up to a boundless sky. Rising through unsympathetic nebula Reaching the piqued ears Of a God who looks like me

I love the way my name tastes Gliding down the leathery skin Of an many women Snaking tattoos around the places They’ve each and collectively been breached Filling the holes that have Been forced to open Planting flowers Where disaster Left famish

I love the way my name feels when it’s Slicing through bodies Burning down homes Ravaging cities And tunneling lands

My name Shall call upon Every vowel Snatched from the rounded mouths of my ancestors Then twisted and contorted To fit the rigid lines Of subjugation

Speak my name And watch Thrones disgorge their rulers Homes occlude their patriarchs As each letter comes Setting this world ablaze

© Ama Akoto (2018)

#identity #names #power

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