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There’s love

Then there’s whatever we had

Toxic by nature cus you took my breath when you kissed me

Made my heart ache in ways I’d never felt before

And I can’t really remember how we got to where we got or

Where along the line we fucked up what we got

But there’s warmth where your hand used to rest on my chest

And the skin is still tender where your fingers never left

There’s love then there’s whatever tha fuck we had

I can feel your laughter reverberate through my ribs and it hits me like cold wind

But I embrace it

Close my eyes and just to feel it

Im weefin

Im tryna smoke it

Tryna remember what your smile was like and

Before that what my happiness was like

It’s barely a  memory floating through vacant space in the recesses of my mind

And it’s like tryna navigate a spaceship through time

With no direction

Absolutely no destination

Just the faint knowledge that there’s love and

Then there’s whatever we had

© Ama Akoto (2015)

#Poetry #blackwoman #blackwomen #love #sunnyscape

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