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Editing Services

Whatever kind of story you're telling, I want to help make it powerful.

My editing and consulting services include everything from proofreading and copyediting, to publishing and communications/marketing strategy. If you would like to set up a consultation, please reach out via email. I look forward to working together! 

Editing With Ama


Establish cohesive plot points, themes, meaningful character development, and overall plot structure. 


*This does not include special attention to grammar and spelling.


Pay close attention to grammar, sentence flow, continuity, and plot structure. My goal is to make your writing as clear and consistent as possible while staying true to your voice.


Technical fixes regarding typos, typeface discrepancies (headlines, bolded words, etc.), and punctuation to ensure a ready-for-publication document. 


*This is the last stage in the editing process.


Work together to format and distribute your work on any desired platforms.


Build robust

communications strategy that meets your marketing or messaging goals, including consultant relationship management, press, and social media strategy.

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